Beach erosion in St. Johns County


VILANO BEACH, Fla. – The high tide and rough surf that local beaches felt from Hurricane Joaquin have one beachfront home teetering on the edge.

The home is on Vilano Beach off the Coastal Highway in St. Augustine.

Neighbors say they cannot believe the damage done to this home over the years.
They say the erosion here is a big problem and they say it got worse after a big surf Thursday.

"Risk reward. Part of living on the beach. We're certainly enjoying the surf that comes with these storms," said Brandi Schmidt.

The Schmidts have a seawall. They say they wish their neighbor had one too because 6 to 8 feet of dune was lost in just a week.

"It's a massive amount of sand if you think about it. The storm came in and hit it. Everyone that's got a wall is semi protected until the water gets along the back of it," Kevin Schmidt said.

The storms have also caused parts of stairs that belong to beach access points to be washed away. The Schmidts say all of their neighbors should be given permits so they can have seawalls installed before things get worse.

"Long-term I guess the threat is the whole dune gets washed out and at some point the ocean could be on A-1-A and we'll be fishing from the mailbox," Brandi Schmidt said.

The Schmidts say a temporary seawall will be installed on Monday. They say a permanent seawall may be installed next month.

The County Commission was unable to be reached for comment.