Killer heels


A 2014 French study found that men were more helpful to women in heels than in flats. And another found that they made women appear more attractive to both sexes, but those stilettos could be ruining your feet.

They draw your attention, give you height and for most women they are an essential part of their wardrobe.

But a recent study by Hanseo University in Seosan, South Korea says those kitten heels will damage your foot and ankle muscles, especially if you wear them every day. And doctors agree.

They say no matter the height, heels can cause a strength imbalance in your ankle joint and the damage could travel as far as your spine!

Their advice? Slip off your heels when you can! If you wear heels to work, take them off at your desk and stretch your ankles before putting them back on.

Strengthen your feet at home by doing a few exercises, heel lifts, towel scrunching and heel drops give your weakened muscles a quick workout.

But the most important tip from doctors, don't run in heels. The shape of the shoes puts high pressure on small areas, like the balls of your feet, increasing the chance of damage.

The results of the study also found that wearing heels will strengthen the foot joints within the first three years but prolonged use beyond four years damages the muscles and tendons around the ankle and alters the natural shape of the foot.