Duval County police reports on all gun-in-school incidents 2012 through Spring 2015

Includes 2012-2013, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years

10-30 17-year-old Eltonia Humpries arrested with a Cobra .380 automatic handgun at First Coast High School.
10-31 Loaded 38-caliber handgun, four AK-47 bullets and drugs found in a car parked at Ribault High School. No arrests.
11-13 15-year-old Mayceo Wilson arrested with what turned out to be a BB gun at Frank Peterson Academies.

2-5 18-year-old Tamolis Clark arrested with a .22-caliber handgun in his car at Englewood High School.
2-17 90-year-old Robert Sonntag arrested with a .38-caliber handgun on the grounds of Venetia Elementary. He walked up to a school board officer saying he wanted to kill himself.
8-22 16-year-old Raymond Doles arrested with as loaded handgun on the street in front of Grand Park Alternative School.
3-1 15-year-old Diamante Fuller arrested with a .25-caliber handgun at Butler Middle School.
3-21 34-year-old Leusthia Jackson arrested for waving what turned out to be a BB gun at Andrew Jackson High School during an altercation with a student she felt was harassing her son.
4-21 Loaded 9-millimeter handgun found on the property of Sallye B. Mathis Elementary. No arrests.
5-1 Unnamed student is suspected after bringing what he thought was a BB gun to Enterprise Learning Academy. He alerted a teacher, saying he found it on the way to school. It turned out to be a loaded 9-millimeter handgun.
5-14 17-year-old Dale Walker arrested with a loaded 9-millimeter handgun at Raines High School.
10-3 Loaded .38-caliber handgun found on the grounds of Forrest High School. No arrests.
10-8 Loaded SU-16 assault rifle found in a rental car parked at Ribault High School after the officer saw two men running from it, one of whom turned out to be a murder suspect.
17-year-old Daniel White arrested with a loaded 380 handgun on the grounds of Forrest High School.
10-22 15-year-old Dayshon Brown and 15-year-old Jamald Stanley both arrested for carrying a concealed firearm at James Weldon Johnson Career Center. The unloaded handgun was found on Stanley, after Brown gave it to him, knowing he was going to be searched.
10-29 38-year-old Tony Smith arrested with a loaded .38 handgun in his car at Paxon High School.
12-18 21-year-old Jabri Lewis arrested with a loaded .22 handgun in a car at Jacksonville Heights Elementary.

3-3 15-year-old Bilal Conley arrested with a loaded .22 handgun at Forrest High School.
3-5 16-year- old Roderick Richards arrested with a loaded .38 handgun at Ed White High School. Read more
3-11 37-year-old Ricky Rand arrested with a loaded handgun on the property of James Weldon Johnson Middle School.
3-28 17-year-old Deion Perez arrested with a loaded 9-millimeter handgun at Mandarin High School. Read more
9-4 17-year-old Andre Dacres arrested with a loaded .22 handgun on the property at Fort Caroline Middle School.
9-11 21-year-old Kendrick Rodgers arrested with a loaded .25 handgun across the street from Grand Park Career Center; in the same incident, 20-year-old Tommy Leggett Jr. is arrested with a loaded .45 handgun.
9-22 16-year-old Damon Edwards arrested with .32 handgun at Fletcher High School. No notation whether it was loaded. Read more
9-29 18-year-old Brianna Lineberry arrested with an unloaded .22 revolver in her purse at Wolfson High; she was hiding it for 16-yr old Ronald Stewart, who's also arrested. Read more
9-29 10-year-old Jaylen Williams arrested with unloaded .22 handgun at Chaffee Trail Elementary. Read more
10-2 18-year-old Wolfson High School student Timothy Hayes found with two loaded 380 handguns and drugs in a stolen car at an apartment complex next to the high school. He's only arrested for car theft and resisting police. Read more
10-2 14-year-old Rodney Gibson and 14-year-old Warren Jones both arrested with loaded .22 and .38 handguns at J.E.B. Stuart Middle School. Read more
10-3 20-year-old Rashad Lewis arrested for with a loaded .45 handgun and drugs in a car that had just left Wolfson High School. He was a passenger in the car. Read more
11-6 Anonymous tip led police to a .380 semi-automatic handgun in the backpack of 13-year-old Deshay Harper at J.E.B. Stuart Middle School. Harper was arrested. The gun turned out to have been stolen from a St. Johns County home in February 2012. Read more
11-18 16-year-old Perty Mathis was arrested off campus and charged with bringing a loaded .22-caliber handgun to Andrew Jackson High School. Read more

2-9 34-year-old Kenneth Davidson, a staffer at Mount Herman Exceptional Student Center, was arrested for having a handgun with magazine and nine rounds of ammunition on campus.
3-5 24-year-old Ricco Jones arrested for carrying concealed firearm near Ribault High School. Police said he pointed a gun at two students at the end of the school day. In the same incident, and unnamed another teenager was arrested with a Glock and 16 rounds of ammunition and 19-year-old Marcus Bryant was arrested with 13 rounds of ammunition.
4-7 16-year-old Dovanta Williams arrested at Ribault High School for possession of firearm on school property, trespassing, resisting and officer with violence.
5-6 Unloaded .38-caliber revolver and one round of ammunition was found in a locker at Westside High School. A 15-year-old student was arrested. Read more