Another closure for a St. Augustine Restaurant because of rodents

Restaurant Report Card


St. Augustine, Fla – In this week's restaurant report card there were two closures.  One that you've seen on the report before that's still struggling with rodents and another that had a battle with roaches.

23 Flavors on Confederate Point Road had a closure on the 16th of October.  They had three high priority violations.  The inspector found 14 live roaches in a cabinet under the sink in the kitchen.  The manager poured bleach on the bugs and killed them all according to the report.  But the inspector did come back three days later to make sure the bug problem was resolved.  It was and they were cleared to reopen.  But 23 flavors still needs a follow inspection because it's hotel and restaurant license is expired.

Gourmet Hut is on the Restaurant Report Card again.  The St Augustine Restaurant was shut down for the second time in a month because of rodent activity.  14 semi- soft to hard droppings were found under the preparation table in the back of the kitchen.   It was this same problem that got it shut down at the end of September.  Back then they found gnawing and marks on a packet of breadcrumbs.  In the most recent report the inspector came back the next day and the droppings were still there, so for a few extra hours Gourmet Hut was forced to stay closed. The inspector did come back that same day and open Gourmet Hut back up.  This time there were no signs of rodents and they've been given a third chance to stay rodent free.

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