6 ways to help keep kids safe on Halloween

Keep your child safe on Halloween


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Halloween night is supposed to be full of spooky, but safe, fun. Pediatricians recommend parents discuss safety advice with your children before the your trick-or-treaters head out the door to gather their loot.

1. Costumes shouldn’t restrict movement or vision

Avoid clothing that dangles and accessories that could make your child trip or fall.

2. Opt for brightly-colored costumes

“Make sure it’s highly visible,” said Cleveland Clinic Children's pediatrician Dr. Michael Koniarczyk. “We tend to walk around dusk and nighttime so the more visible we are the better.”

Putting reflectors, reflective tape and flashlights on your child’s costume and bag can help make them more visible in the dark.

3. Choose weapons wisely

Any swords, guns, lasers or similar costume accessories should be rubber or other flexible material to avoid injury if your child falls.

4. Keep fun age-appropriate

“It’s always recommended to be in a bigger group,” advised Koniarczyk.

Always accompany children under age 10 and don’t let them get too far ahead of you. Children over age 10 should be with at least two friends and stick together the entire evening.

5. House rules

Only go to homes with lights on. If someone doesn’t answer after ringing the doorbell twice, just leave.

6. Know your route

“Another good idea is for kids that are going alone, to have a preset route planned, and well lit streets,” said Koniarcyzk.

Go trick-or-treating in a neighborhood you’re familiar with – and make sure older children tell you their itinerary.