Third scan for El Faro comes up empty


The National Transportation Safety Board announced Friday the third sonar search for the El Faro did not come up with anything.

This was the third of 13 sonar side scans that will be conducted in the search for the sunken cargo ship.

The previous two searches also came up with nothing.

Side scan sonar systems use ultrasound technology to increase resolution of targets. Typically, a side scan sonar searches 60 to 160 feet wide at about 2 mph.

A U.S. Navy search team is tasked with finding the missing cargo ship El Faro. The ship's last known location is northeast of Crooked Island in the Bahamas. The waters there are about 15,000 feet deep.

The Jacksonville-based El Faro disappeared Oct. 1 while making its weekly cargo run to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ship's 28 American crew members and five Polish nationals are presumed dead.