Fight over Florida High School Athletic Association continues


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Legislative efforts to reform the Florida High School Athletic Association will continue in 2016.

The Florida House Education committee held a workshop Thursday morning to discuss upcoming legislation changing the way high school sports are governed in Florida. Rep. Manny Diaz, (R), Hialeah, will be leading the charge and said he wants to make sure it's easier for kids to be eligible for sports if they change schools.

"This is their one ticket out so what I want to make sure is they have rules, rules are followed, the adults are held responsible and that we don't, for whatever arbitrary reason, punish the kids from being able to have the opportunity to use this to get their future and go to school," Diaz said.

Last year, a bill was passed out of the house that would have instituted a new governing body by 2017, but it never got a hearing in the senate.