Deadly October for pedestrians

16 pedestrians hit by cars in October, 10 of those were deadly


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many residents are asking for answers from drivers in the city, after a series of crashes involving pedestrians have taken place over the last month.

According to News4Jax reports, there have been 16 pedestrians hit since the beginning of October and 10 of those accidents have resulted in the pedestrians dying.

The accidents range from Columbia County all the way to St. John's County and in Duval County. Many of the crashes involve bicyclists and several people who were just trying to cross the street.

News4Jax spoke with Margaret Peyton, who lives on Marlow and West 30th streets. It's one of the most dangerous intersections in her neighborhood and it's where she witnessed a pedestrian lose his life.

Her friend, Clarence Bailey, was struck and killed in her front yard last week when a driver ran a stop sign, hitting another driver, who hit Bailey.

"You see it all day and every day. They hit and they keep going. They pull up to the stop sign, and they just keep going. It hit so hard until it split this wood and put a hole on this metal railing. It's split in half!" Peyton said.

Peyton has lived in this area for eight years, and she said that Bailey had been waving to people and helping take out their trash for more than 20 years. Her home sits on a corner, and the back corner is so dangerous that the city has installed a metal bar

"It's difficult. It's extremely difficult. He was a great pillar of the community," she said.

This incident isn't the only time a pedestrian was hit in their own neighborhood, it happened to a woman in St. Johns County just off of State Road 13. A 42-year-old woman was killed while walking her dog on Chaffee Road.

After seeing her friend lie lifeless in her front yard, Peyton is pleading for safety to the city and the public.

"The drivers need to slow down and the city needs to listen. And we're telling them, please, give us a something. If it's only a caution light, please, give us that. We're witnessing speeders all day long," Peyton said. "And he was a sweetheart. You can't find too many people like Mr. Clarence, and he's gone." 

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