Rains swamp Brunswick streets, historic district

Several inches of rain cause mess on Brunswick roadways as cars stall in flood


BRUNSWICK, Ga. – Heavy rains that pummeled southeast Georgia on Monday caused a mess on the roadways, leaving several streets underwater.

Brunswick got several inches of rain, particularly in some of the older parts of town.

"I am actually from Detroit, and I have never seen this much water like this," said Brunswick resident Art, who didn't give his last name. "I started to wade into it, and when I got to right here, I was like him. So I started to back up. It is time to find another route."

Homeowners on the saturated streets didn't have that option.

Brenda Davis said Albany Street is more like Albany River.

"Every time we have a bad rain, this is what it does," Davis said. "I parked over by the car wash."

Davis said she thinks the city needs to fix the problem.

"Something needs to be done about this. It is ridiculous," Davis said. 

People all throughout the neighborhood said flooding is a huge headache for them. They can't move their cars and a lot of them can't get to and from their homes.

Brunswick Public Works crews were busy Monday, trying to make things better for residents like Davis.

They used shovels and rakes to clean out the drains and gutters so the water could drain, but with a high tide, it was an uphill battle.

The water was pretty deep at an intersection Monday afternoon in the Old Town historic district of Brunswick. It was so deep that several cars that tried to come through the area stalled out. City workers decided to close all the surrounding roads to make sure that no one else suffered the same fate.

While many said the flood waters are a pain, some residents said they've learned to live with it.

"You live hear, you know how to get around it, so it is easy," Morris Billings said.

Officers with the Brunswick Police Department switched from normal patrol cars to pickup trucks Monday. They had several 911 calls from people whose cars got stuck in the water, but no one was hurt.

Police reminded drivers Monday not to drive through flood water. If you can't see the bottom, turn around, don't drown, was the mantra. 

Police said they're worried that if it rains again in the next day or so, the city will have the same problems.