Rep. Ander Crenshaw honors Nassau County veterans

Naval Station Mayport Commanding Officer Wes McCall and U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshawpresent Hilliard, Florida, veteran Walter Hickey with Veterans Special Recognition Medal.
Naval Station Mayport Commanding Officer Wes McCall and U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshawpresent Hilliard, Florida, veteran Walter Hickey with Veterans Special Recognition Medal.

YULEE, Fla. – U.S. Rep. Ander Crenshaw, a member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, formally recognized 87 veterans from six northeast Florida cities Monday, presenting them with Veterans Special Recognition medals.

Awards were given to Nassau County veterans from Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Bryceville, Callahan, Hilliard, and Yulee. The ceremony was held at the Florida State College at Jacksonville's Nassau Center in Yulee.

"Nassau County Veterans have served our country with distinction and valor, each playing a key role in making sure our military was at the ready whenever and wherever needed," said Crenshaw. "I thank each and every one of them for standing in the face of danger and hardship and give them my deep appreciation."

Over the past 14 years, Congressman Crenshaw has honored more than 2,300 thousand veterans who have served the nation for the periods from World War II, Korean War, Vietnam, and Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

"Let us never forget that our nation's greatness is drawn from the blood and sacrifice of honorable and courageous men and women," Crenshaw said.

Nassau County recipients of Crenshaw's 4th Congressional District Veterans Special Recognition medals:

Fernandina Beach

  • John W. Ashmead, Navy
  • George P. Beamer, Navy
  • Ula E. Bennett, Army
  • Thomas Blackwelder, Army
  • Harry E. Bowman, Navy
  • Paul Henry Brown, Army
  • Stanley R. Bunch, Air Force
  • Gerald B. Burford, Army
  • G. Kyle Burford, Army
  • Edward M. Coop, Air Force
  • William L. Cravey, Army
  • Noah S. Crawford, Navy
  • Steven John Crounse, Army
  • Andrew J. Curtin, Navy
  • Cara A. Curtin, Navy
  • Harry Duccilli, Jr.,Army Air Corps
  • Marshall D. Fullwood, Army
  • Erving Gilyard, Air Force
  • Thomas J. Gora, Air Force
  • Eugene R. Griffin III, Army
  • John Halliday, Air Force
  • Roy Holland, Army Air Corps
  • Darryl J. Hooper, Army
  • James H. Jones, Air Force
  • Edward L. Kaywork, Army
  • Gene A. Kyzer, Air Force
  • Erik Larsen, Army
  • Joseph R. Laspina, Marine Corps
  • Andrea E. Latza-Meires, Air Force
  • Susan L. Marden, Navy
  • William G. McKeown, Army
  • Patrick A. Meires, Air Force
  • Presley K. Mitchell, Marine Corps
  • Cynthia J. Morley, Air Force
  • John D. Morley, Air Force
  • Mary A. Nuttall, Air Force
  • LeRoy Owens, Army
  • John D. Pruitt, Air Force
  • Francis R. Quattrene, Air Force
  • Josef I. Reece, Marine Corps
  • Charles E. Revels, Navy
  • Henry M. Rothschild, Army
  • John W. Scherer, Army
  • Eddie W. Shepherd, Coast Guard
  • Dale C. Stickrath, Army Air Corps
  • Richard Traum, Air Force
  • James B. Underwood, Air Force
  • Willie F. Watson, Marine Corps
  • Ralph L. Wickson, Coast Guard
  • Thomas T. Workman, Army

Amelia Island

  • John S. Billings, Army
  • Robert S. Bolan, Jr., Navy
  • Samuel O. Entriken, Army
  • Conrad Kohlman, Army
  • Paul N. Massing, Army
  • Kenneth W. Pennington, Air Force
  • George T. Pippin III, Army


  • Jesse L. Wright, Air Force


  • Robert R. Capps, Air Force
  • Robert J. De Angelo, Navy
  • James W. Hendricks, Army
  • Thomas J. Higginbotham, Navy
  • Henry L. Hines, Jr., Navy
  • William J. Marsh, Air Force
  • Alice F. Overstreet, Air Force
  • Kenneth B. Overstreet, Air Force
  • John W. Stephens, Jr., Army
  • Jerry A. Tyner, Army


  • Emily Jo Baumgartner, Army National Guard, Air Force National Guard
  • oseph H. Bottoni, Army
  • Walter A. Hickey, Army
  • Roger L. Horton, Marine Corps and Florida Air National Guard
  • Victor X. Monroy, Army
  • Albert D. Owens, Army
  • Sylvester Ross, Navy
  • Nello R. Zortea, Navy


  • Leo Green, Army
  • Gordon E. Jonsrud, Marine Corps
  • Leonard L. Lyons, Navy
  • William P. Monaghan, Navy
  • Alva B. Moody, Army
  • Albert F. Nelson, Air Force
  • Gordon A. Plugge, Jr., Coast Guard
  • Edwin C. Sherer, Army
  • Cleo F. Smith, Air Force
  • Dumas J. Vines, Jr., Army
  • Edward A. Zack, Air Force