Ax-wielding burglar faces life in prison

Man convicted of breaking into home with ax

Booking photo of Todd West
Booking photo of Todd West

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man was convicted Wednesday of armed burglary with assault or battery after he forced his way into a victim's home by smashing a window with an ax.

Todd Curtis West, 56, faces up to life in prison and will be sentenced the week of Dec. 14.

In May 2015, the victim was at her residence when West showed up uninvited. When West arrived at the victim's home, he forced his way inside with the ax.

The victim then grabbed her gun and ran outside into the backyard while West chased her. As West came toward her, she fired a shot, which missed.

West then charged at the victim, dragged her to the ground and took the gun from her. He threatened to kill her if she called police and then fled the scene.