Floridians rank low in mobile etiquette

Study shows state residents among worst in nation for mobile behavior


Face facts, Floridians. We're just plain rude!

Time to realize that our sandy beaches, amazing scenery and incredible nightlife can only car us so far.

At least when it comes to our mobile manners.

A new survey shows that Florida residents are among the worst when it comes to crossing boundaries of decency while using our smartphones.

Bank of America's survey shows that one-third of Floridians, a hearty 33%, admit to texting while eating meals with others.

31% of us fess up to checking our mobile phones while in mid-conversation with others. Admit it, that's not nice.

Another 25% say that they multi-task on their mobile phones during meetings, which, to be honest, isn't that bad. Seriously, some meetings are just so droll!

You want more stats?

How about the fact that 55% of Floridians check their phones at least once an hour, and 41% say they will never fully disconnect from their mobile phones.

And it doesn't end during our conscious, waking hours. The survey shows that nearly one-quarter of us have fallen asleep with our smartphones in our hand.

We could go on and on, but let's face it, you've probably already moved on from... hold, please... got to go, need to Snapchat a funny cat picture to a friend, and this article is so five minutes ago.