Travel tips for a safe and smooth Thanksgiving



It's the biggest Thanksgiving holiday travel period since 2007, as millions make their way across the country to spend Thanksgiving with their loved ones and friends.

Some people are still mapping out their last-minute Thanksgiving weekend travels on the road and in the air and that's why AAA and the Department of Homeland Security has issued several travel notices.

Since AAA estimates that holiday gas prices will be the lowest they’ve been in seven years it’s not surprising that more travelers will be taking their journey on the road.
Christina Persico and her family are now traveling back to Georgia and much like the recommendations given by AAA, she said she already knew the key measures to take before she began her drive.

“We're from North Carolina. We went to Georgia then to Florida,” Persico said. “We got our cellphone chargers, we have car chargers, outlet charger for the plugs. Gas cards, clothes vet and shot records.”

In the event she runs into an emergency in Florida, she can count on the Road Rangers. They are a team of drivers contracted by the Department of Transportation, who help stranded drivers who break down, need help changing a tire or who may have run out of gas.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, those people relying on air travel this year will be joined by more than 25 million other air travelers, and they have some recommendations for those travelers as well.

The number of people choosing air travel this year marks a 3 percent increase since 2014, and with that increase, they recommend flyers arrive at least two hours before their flight. They also recommend not traveling with any wrapped gifts, making sure luggage is secured with locks and speaking up to TSA immediately if they see something suspicious.

There are even more tips to help travelers have a safe and smooth holiday by heading to the TSA’s website or looking up AAA’s travel tips.