Tips to get the perfect Christmas tree


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Now that Thanksgiving is over, more people are focusing on another major holiday and buying trees and decorations for Christmas.

Trad's Garden Center, on San Jose Boulevard, is preparing for one of its busiest weekends and is stocked up for the rush. They said they are already busy, and it’s just the beginning.

“You have three key weeks to shop for your trees, which are really this weekend and the next two weekends. That's because your trees are the healthiest, and you get the longest use out of them. You get to enjoy them for the longest time,” Jen Phillips, general manager of Trad’s Garden Center, said.

Trad's only carries the traditional Fraser fir because it retains needles the longest, won’t poke children or pets and can hold heavy ornaments.

Leslie Jones said it’s her family’s favorite.

“I love the smell of it. It makes Christmas feel more Christmasy. It's a wintry feel with a real Christmas tree in the house,” Jones said.

Trad’s said there are three things buyers want to look for in a tree. They should make sure the needles are still flexible, find the shape they prefer and make sure their home can handle the size.

They said that people also need to get the tree in water within 30 minutes of getting it cut at a nursery or farm.

“That's your key time frame. You don't want your tree sitting on your back porch for a day, or you'll need to give it another fresh cut,” Phillips said.

Trad’s also has safety advice to keep families safe with their trees. Never leave your tree lit and unattended and the more water a tree has, the less chance it has of catching fire.

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