Man's ashes found after family dispute


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New details have emerged in the story about a man’s ashes and a mother’s fight to retrieve them after News4Jax discovered the ashes were with the other side of the family.

Paul Gillins’ ashes are now accounted for and a communication problem between different sides of Gillins’ family has led to the problem.

News4Jax first aired the story of Gillins' mother Leonda Jones Tuesday night, after Jones said she was struggling to pay the bill for her son’s funeral expenses and had yet to get the money to have his ashes released, when the Roger Sears’ Mortuary abruptly closed down she thought they were lost.

A spokesperson for the paternal side of Gillins' family, who doesn’t want to be named, said the ashes have always been accounted for and there’s been a communication problem between them and Jones. She told News4Jax Jones always knew how to contact them about having the ashes released and all she had to do was pick up a phone.

“That was family business that had nothing to do with anybody else. Nobody should’ve known that. For her to get on TV and air it out like she did, that was a total disgrace to the family.” She has his number, his son’s number.  In fact his son talked to her today,” the family spokesperson said.

News4Jax contacted Leonda Jones again after learning all the new details.

“They don’t have the ashes, they’re lying. OK, you seen them, because I wasn’t aware they had them,” said Jones.

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