Roaches, rodent droppings found at 2 local restaurants

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE,Fla – In this week's restaurant report card, a closure in the food court at the Orange Park Mall.  Also, two other restaurants cited with more than a dozen violations.

Jax Royal Buffet on Normandy Boulevard was cited with ten high priority violations.  The inspector also found 17 others that were not as serious.   A manger had to throw out chicken and crab that was left to cool overnight because it was at a dangerous temperature.  The inspector also wrote raw chicken was stored over dumplings with cream cheese which could result in contamination. The next day the inspector came back and while most of the major problems were fixed still some problems will warrant a recheck in the next few months.

Seafood kitchen on Royal Palm Drive in Atlantic Beach was cited with more than 18 violations.  Three were high priority.  The inspection wrote they found 20 dry rodent droppings in two dry storage areas and live small flying insects in the kitchen. The inspector noted Seafood Kitchen would need another inspection to met standards.

The Cajun Big Easy in the Orange Park mall was closed for two days because of roaches.  The Wednesday before Thanksgiving an inspector found 20 live roaches under a preparation table in the kitchen.  An employee was cutting potatoes on the table during the inspection. There were ten more live roaches under another table holding the rice warmer.  The inspector came back the next day and found fewer but still three roaches in the kitchen.  The inspector kept the Big Easy Cajun closed a second day.

Mall Manager John Westbrook said the pest problem has been resolved.

"Although we do not manage the daily operations of these businesses, we do require that they conduct regular pest control services and adhere to accepted food handling guidelines. The Food Court tenant immediately complied, addressed the situation and is currently open," says Westbrook.

On the third day the inspector cleared the restaurant of any violations concerning bugs and it was able to open back up. 


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