St. Augustine woman returns after close call with California shooters

Courtesy: Jc Playford
Courtesy: Jc Playford

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A St. Augustine woman described her brush with the San Bernandino, California, shooting suspects moments before they got into a shootout with officers as too close for comfort.

Alein Brown was was on a trip to California when she was caught in the police chase.

The shooting happened on the last day of Brown's vacation. She says that she was in California to sightsee and visit with a friend. She never expected to be caught up in something so dramatic and horrible.

"To end it with that kind of situation was very discomforting, whether it happens in your hometown or clear across the continent," Brown said.

Brown is still disturbed about what happened. She and a friend were touring San Bernardino when they found themselves in the middle of the police chase with the shooting suspects.

"We were venturing off and going along the way. We witnessed several federal agents screaming passed us en route to the incident. I knew a little bit about what was going on but I had no idea about how widespread or massive it was," Brown said.

She and her friend followed from a safe distance.

"It was a massive police chase. There were cars coming from all different directions, all different ways. And we could see the car that they were pursuing. It was just, yeah it was incredible," Brown said.

Brown says she is so terribly upset that this happened but she is thankful to be back home safe.







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