Wife of deceased: ‘I thought I had buried all of my husband'

Body remains found during Lonzie Barton investigation turns up twice


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While the remains of toddler Lonzie Barton remain at large, the same cannot be said for a former missing navy chief whose remains have now been identified, twice.

The family of navy chief, Kevin Williams, is devastated Friday as they learn more remains of the body has been discovered.

During the search for Barton earlier this year, the remains of Williams was found in a wooded area. The family soon after buried those remains only to learn today there were more remains being processed.

Just as the Williams family was trying to find some closure, Vanessa Williams, wife of the deceased, received a phone call from the Jacksonville Sheriffs' Office saying they were closing her husband’s case.

There was no foul play suspected in the death and this ruling prompted Vanessa to contact the medical examiner’s office. This was when she got the shocking news.

"The medical examiner told me that they have more of Kevin's remains. When this was done being examined by the pathologist, he would release them to me so I can bury the rest of my husband," Vanessa said.

Vanessa said she was stunned.

"I was devastated, because this was news to me. I thought I had buried all of my husband."

Vanessa said she again reached out to the medical examiner's office, the Navy and JSO for answers, but has gotten nowhere. At this point, she doesn't know what to do or where to turn.

"I don't understand how this can even happen in a Navy town. How can this happen in America? It's so wrong,” Vanessa said. "We deserve to know what happened to him. We deserve to know why it was handled this way. They're not giving us the answers."

Vanessa said she is exploring her options, and if it comes down to contacting an attorney, she's prepared to do that. JSO said they can't comment about this; and the medical examiner's office has not yet responded.

Although she tries to stay strong for her children, Vanessa said she feels she is at a standstill, with many questions, but no answers. All she wants is to get to the bottom of what happened--and truly lay her husband to rest. 

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