Videos of suspected San Bernardino shooters' home released

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. – A video has been released that shows the inside of the California home of the couple investigators say was responsible for the mass shooting in San Bernardino.

There was a lot found inside the home of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, including a hidden spot above a closet, ammunition, baby toys and prayer books. Crime analyst Gil Smith said anything shown by news cameras was not important.

"There is nothing here of any evidentiary value," Smith said. "We’re seeing this after the FBI has already come in. They've been there for a day and a half and they’ve taken out everything that’s of evidentiary value."

Detectives said ammunition and computer hard drives were found in the home. Smith said if any of that had been useful to the FBI, it would have been seized. But he was surprised they left it behind.

"No ammunition, you have some members of the media who want to take souvenirs or something," Smith said. "So I think someone made a mistake letting the media in."

A number of items related to the couple's Muslim faith were also found, including prayer beads and religious books.

Smith was surprised by the lack of fingerprint dust residue. He suspects they didn’t feel there was need to dust for prints in the apartment.

"That’s why this scene looks so unusual, because I don’t see any of the fingerprinting dust to dust for fingerprints," Smith said. "The police would not have cleaned that off. They would have left that, the walls would have been black, unless they have another technology I’m not familiar with to lift fingerprints where they don’t use that type of dust."

There has been speculation on whether the reporters legally went inside the home. The crime scene had been cleared by investigators and they did have permission to enter from the landlord.

Smith said police would never be able to use anything more from the apartment because it’s been  contaminated, but he suspects they have everything they need.