Dogs attack 12-year-old walking home from bus

Dogs attacked girl's sister 3 weeks ago; officer shoots one of the dogs

Jaylynn Lizzmore, 12, was attacked by two dogs in her neighborhood Monday afternoon.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two dogs attacked a 12-year-old girl walking home from her bus stop Monday afternoon on the Southside, police said.

They also attacked a police officer, who shot one of the dogs.

Jaylynn Lizzmore said the dogs -- which she described as a pit bull and a German shepard -- had attacked her sister about three weeks ago, but that her neighbors on Meadowbrook Boulevard had recently put in a new gate.

She said when she walked past the dogs Monday, they started to growl at her. When she ran, one of the dogs caught up to her and sank its teeth into the bottom of her pants, tripping her. After she fell, the other dog tried to bite at her face, but she shielded her head with her arms.

She said her neighbors helped her until police arrived. She suffered minor injuries, police said.

“I'm just really thankful that my daughter's OK,” Zelena Lizzmore said. “Hopefully, those dogs will get whatever kind of help that they need.”

Lizzmore and her daughter said that they don't want the dogs put down, but they think the neighborhood would be safer without them.

“I'm a little concerned about them coming home,” said Lizzmore, who reported the attack on her other daughter to police several weeks ago. “Why are they so vicious like that? I was assuming they might have something wrong with them or they might have been just hungry. I don't really know.”

The dogs also attacked another dog, causing serious injuries, after they managed to get inside a neighbor's home, police said.

The officer who was investigating the incident was attacked by the dogs and initially tried to defend himself with his baton, police said. As the attack continued, the officer shot one of the dogs one time.

The dog ran back to its home, where it was later secured by its owner, police said.

Jaylynn said she's learned a lesson from the attack.

“I'm more aware when I walk home now,” she said. “When I walk home, I make sure I'm aware of my surroundings.”

Those no word yet on what will happen to the dogs, or whether the owners will face any charges.

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