Thursday's 4 gifts under $40

4 more holiday gift selections


Looking for a fun, unique gift that won’t break the bank? All this week on The Morning Show at 9, we are featuring gift ideas that will definitely bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

Thursday featured items:

The Ugly Sweater craze is here to stay but if you don’t want to shell out big bucks, we’ve got a more affordable solution. The Ugly Sweater T-Shirt by Faux Real. They claim you get the same thrift store look without the thrift store smell. There are shirts for men, ladies, kids and babies. Most retail for $32 and can be ordered at fauxrealshirt.com. 

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned periodically and we have a cleaning mat that makes the process easy. It’s a mat made by Sigma Spa and it has suction cups that attach to the sink. There are seven different textures to swipe your brushes across. This product is available at Nordstrom for $25.

If you are bringing a bottle of wine to a holiday party, how about dressing it up in more than a bag? These holiday outfits come in a variety of designs and are sold at World Market for $6.99. Today we featured the ugly sweater design and the “faux” fur collar. 

Party crackers are an English holiday tradition. The cardboard tube is wrapped in paper and usually filled with a tissue paper hat, a joke, and a plastic trinket. Hammacher Schlemmer has some unique versions that include magic tricks, racing reindeers and Christmas orchestra items. All packages have 6-8 crackers and retail for $29.99. They can be ordered online at hammacher.com