Westside burglaries concern neighbors

An overnight spree of car burglaries and thefts in a Westside community has neighbors on edge. Police said a man suspected in at least some of the crimes was captured on a security camera, but has not been identified or caught.

The thefts took place along Louvre Drive and La Trec Drive -- near Normandy Boulevard -- about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday.

While the thief didn't take much from the cars, the neighbors are upset because they feel violated.

A security system at Joyce Deboyd's home recorded images of a person in a white hoodie breaking into cars. She had surveillance cameras installed after her car was broken into earlier this year.

"We work hard for our stuff, so it's aggravating and disappointing that they would do this right at Christmas," said Deboyd.

The video shows the suspect rummaging through her car. He even turns the light on to see if there's anything to take.

"They were pretty confident. They just walked right up in the yard, took it, went over, like they have been doing this," Deboyd said. "I thought, 'That's brave,' considering if someone would have woke up and, ya know, caught them."

Deboyd says her car was unlocked, but thankfully nothing valuable was inside. The thief only got away with two projector lights from the yard.  But he didn't stop there; he kept going to other cars along the street.

"My dog began to bark and I saw the security light come on," said Linda Thigpen. "I thought it was a cat, so I didn't check it out, and then when we got up this morning, my husband came out to check on the Excursion and found out it had been gone through."

Thigpen says her van and her daughter's car were locked, yet somehow he managed to open up both vehicles without breaking anything.

"I urge anybody to take any valuables out of your car, do not leave anything in it," Thigpen said. "We were very fortunate we didn't have anything in ours."

Both homeowners are stepping up their safety measures to protect their families in case this ever happens again.

"I'm calling my security system people to see what I can put in, and I am trying to get in touch with my electrician to put in a better motion light than what I've got now," Thigpen said.

Police haven't arrested anyone yet, but ask anyone who recognizes the person in the security footage or has any information about the burglaries to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500.