Petition to ban Donald Trump in UK has more than 470,000 signatures.


A petition to ban Donald Trump from the United Kingdom has more than 475,000 signatures.

The petition comes after the Republican presidential candidate called for a shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. 

Trump says the ban was necessary to protect Americans from extremism. 

The British Government does have the power to bar people considered a threat to public safety or national security.

Public figures like Mike Tyson and radical preachers have been denied entry.

In the United States, Trump supporters seem to remain loyal to the businessman.

In a poll conducted by Bloomberg, 65% of likely Republican voters said they favor Trump's proposal.

A new poll shows Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead nationwide.

But most of the participants were questioned before his statement on Monday on temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U.S.

Even before that comment, two-thirds of American voters said they were concerned or frightened by the thought of a Trump presidency.

His closest competitor is Senator Ted Cruz, with 16%.

Trump's rivals continue to line-up in opposition.

"I am going to support the Republican nominee and I think the nominee will be someone who can win general election. And I don't think that Donald can," said Sen. Marco Rubio, Republican Presidential Candidate.

"I'd rather lose without him than try to win with him if he keeps doing what he's doing. There's no shame in losing an election. The shame comes when you lose your honor," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, Republican Presidential Candidate.

Trump has threatened an independent third-party run if the Republican Party does not support him.