Jacksonville Humane Society prepares for new shelter

The new shelter will provide climate-controlled housing for the animals

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Construction is underway for the new shelter at the Jacksonville Humane Society. The first part of the project is knocking down the old thrift shop at the corner of Forest Street and Beach Boulevard.

The campaign began in 2013, with the purpose of generating funds to construct a new Humane Care and Education Center on the campus on Beach Boulevard. Since then, the Campaign for a Compassionate Community has raised more than $8 million toward building a new shelter.

Back in 2007, a fire destroyed the shelter buildings on the property.
The organization is still operating out of the temporary structures erected after the fire- many of which are in disrepair.

The new shelter will provide climate-controlled housing for the animals and include a first-rate pet adoption and education center for the community.

Denise Deisler, executive director for the Jacksonville Humane Society

“Right now in our old antiquated facilities there literally isn't any place for somebody to come visit and spend some quality time with the animals they are contemplating adopting. In the new facility there will be room specifically for that purpose,” said Denise Deisler.

Deisler says the new facility will also be more up-to-date than the previous.

“Back in the day shelters were built to temporary house animals for a couple of days.  For the most part they were euthanized. So they weren’t built for long term sheltering. They weren’t built for comfort of the animals, comfort of staff or comfort for our community to come visit and adopt,” said Deisler.

The floor plans for the 40,000 square foot facility are being finalized.
The Humane Society will break ground for the new facility in April of 2016.

The goal is to raise $15 million. To donate, visit donatenow.networkforgood.org/jaxhumane.

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