Burglary victims given free alarm system

A family whose apartment was broken into twice last week and all their Christmas gifts were stolen is now thankful that a local alarm company has stepped to try to keep it from happening in the couple's new home.

Scott Alarm heard about the burglaries and installed a free system, which will be monitored for free.

Jon Kennedy, the company’s general manager in Jacksonville, said that having this extra comfort should help the family move past what happened.

"I think it will help them recover," Kennedy said. "Obviously this is something that stays with you for a long time, but in talking with them, they have a young son, it's been very reassuring to them that everything will be protected. Everything (they) have left will be protected. They can get on with their lives."

"They were very excited to have a new start, because anytime you've been violated -- and many of us have, myself included -- and had your personal belongings stolen, you are just looking to pick up and move on and not come back to the horrible time that just occurred," Kennedy said.