City's missing gift cards were never used


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The $27,000 in missing gift cards purchased by the city of Jacksonville have not been located, but a city inspector has found that they also have not been used.

The cards purchased by the administration of Mayor Alvin Brown as part of an employee recognition program were discovered missing by the incoming administration of Mayor Lenny Curry. City Inspector General Thomas Cline was asked to look into the apparent disappearance of the gift cards.

"The matter is still ongoing, but I can confirm none of the missing cards have been used," Cline said. "At least that is what our investigation at this point in time shows."

Since the cards were not used, the investigation into what happened to them is less urgent. More important is finding out if the city can get the money back.

"I am not certain," Cline said. "My assumption would be yes, but I don’t know that at this point in time."

When that answer is known, News4Jax will update this investigation.

The staff of the former mayor had no comment when the story of the missing gift cards first aired in the summer. The inspector general's office has no police powers, but if wrongdoing is found, that office can turn it over to the state attorney’s office.

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