House speaker hopes for 'normalcy' in next session


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The year's legislative session ended with a shocking twist of political theater. The Florida House ended early, killing a few policy issues in the process. Florida’s Speaker of the House said don’t expect those kind of fireworks this time around

"My hope is that the 16 session will return back to some normalcy," said Rep. Steve Crisafulli.

With less than a month to go before lawmakers return to try and pass new laws, Crisafulli laid out his plans for legislative session. Tax cuts are high on the list, but the governor is shooting for $1 billion. Crisafulli isn’t ready to commit to the number.

"Is a billion dollars in full off the table?" Crisafulli asked. "No, it’s not, the reality is, though, is we have to sit down and do the math on the proposed budget and find out where we’re going to land."

Passing a new gambling deal will also be at the forefront of the to-do list for the legislature. The governor signed a new Seminole Compact last week that could add $3 billion of revenue to the state, but lawmakers need to sign off as well

"I can’t sit here and tell you for sure that, as it’s written, it has no chance," Crisafulli said. "Is it unlikely? Yeah, it’s very unlikely, but there are some things that members have started talking about that they want to tweak.”

Crisafulli said water policy, education reforms and laws benefiting Floridians with disabilities will be the first ones to come out of his chamber.