Ebron's attorneys outline evidence they want barred from trial


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ruben Ebron's attorneys filed a motion requesting certain evidence and testimony be barred from his upcoming trial connected to the disappearance of Lonzie Barton.

Ebron's attorneys don't want the State to use the following at trial:

  • Testimony that the Ravenwood Apartments is a "high crime area" - attorneys argue this is "unduly prejudicial"

  • Any DNA concerning 21-month-old Lonzie Barton being found inside the home or on any items of clothing - attorneys said this evidence is not relevant to the charges of child neglect and lying to police

  • All statements from the mother of Ebron's children in any report or listed in any of the State's discovery exhibits - Ebron's attorneys say they're hearsay

  • Any allegations of violence or other offenses against the mother of Ebron's children

  • Any mention of the existence of an injunction against Ebron from anyone

  • Referring to the orange piece of plastic turned over to law enforcement by another inmate as a "key" or "handcuff key" - this is regarding Ebron's charge of escape or attempt from jail, which he received after a court hearing

  • Statements Ebron made to law enforcement that the State of Florida believes to be false - specifically, his account of his vehicle being stolen with Lonzie inside. Attorneys argue the State would attempt to introduce that testimony as evidence of guilt.

Ebron and Lonzie's mother, Lonna Barton, are scheduled to go on trial Monday, January 11. 

Ebron was caring for Lonna's two children, including Lonzie, while she was at work in late July. Ebron told police he put the children in his car to pick Lonna up from work, but when he returned, someone stole the car with Lonzie inside.

Another newly released document states Ebron wants Lonna's 5-year-old daughter to testify at trial. The girl's therapist advised against that, saying it would further traumatize her.

Lonzie's body has never been recovered. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office believes Lonzie is dead and has said Ebron holds the key to this case.