Food at wrong temperature a big problem for several restaurants

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – In the first restaurant report of 2016 there were no closures, but plenty of restaurants with lots of violations. News4Jax also found one restaurant that passed every inspection last year and is on track for a perfect 2016.

The Denny's on Blanding Boulevard had a rough inspection the last week of 2015.  The inspector found four high priority violations.  The had to throw out yogurt because it was too warm to be considered safe. There were also other foods checked nearly 25 degrees above the required temperature. They also had to throw out cheese and ice down eggs. The inspector came back five days later and there were still temperature problems.  The inspector worked with mangers at the Denny's to move food around to a safe place.

Breakfast Lunch and More on Centurion Parkway had three high-priority violations during its inspection last week. Again temperature was an issue when an inspector found chili, roast beef, and other items to warm. They had to be moved to another cooler that could keep them at the right temperature. The inspector noted they discussed the problems but someone will be back for a recheck in the next few months. (A previous version of this story incorrectly identified this restaurant's location. We regret the error.)

Sandwich Shop Kaffe on Beach Boulevard was cited with seven high priority violations. They had to throw out a container of sour cream because it had mold on it. Also the operator couldn't prove where she buys her fish.  There were also several violations concerning the temperature of the meat. Fish was thrown away and beef had to move to a cooler that could keep it at the right temperature.

We found a restaurant that passed every inspection in 2015. The Popeye's on Kings Road right across from Edward Waters College has a stellar record. It had very few if any violations and it's last inspection in December was perfect. We talked with the manager about how she does it and how she's training other managers not to make mistakes.

"Just a sense of pride in their work and we do it right every day and it's constant but we do it right," says Gloria Johnson.

This Popeye's is a training store for the region and Johnson says she's been there for 20 years and makes sure the restaurant is always on point.

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