Several restaurants start new year making some fast fixes

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In this week's Restaurant Report Card there were no closures. But several restaurant started the new year needing to make some changes.  Cleaning up, improving pest control, and keeping food at the right  temperature are all things that needed addressing.

First on the list Savannah Bistro at I-95 and Airport road with six high priority violations.  Managers had to throw out rice and tuna salad because they were both too warm to be considered safe.  Other food was moved to a cooler that could keep the food at the right temperature. Workers at Savannah Bistro made fast changes when the inspector came back in three days it was cleared of any serious violations and passed its inspection.

Red Elephant Pizza and Grill on San Jose had a similar experience but with three serious violations.  They had to throw out several food items because they were more than ten degrees above a safe temperature.   The inspector did come back and managers had done the work, all temperatures were safe and Red Elephant Pizza Grill was in the clear.

A popular Italian Restaurant also grabbed our attention but made some fast fixes.  Carrabba's Italian Grill needed a follow up inspection after just two high priority violations. They had to stop selling chicken salad, calamari, soup and other items because they were too warm. According to the report they were left in the reach in cooler all night instead of transferred to a different cooler.  Three is the lucky number the inspector came back three days later and everything was in compliance.  The inspector found zero high priority violations that could get you sick.

Finally Pompeii Coal Fired Pizza still needs a recheck after two questionable inspections.  During the first the inspector found what she described as roach excrement.  She found 50 old dried roach droppings in a broken cooler storing soda bottles in the office. Five days later the inspector came back and everything looked ok except they had not documented some renovations they had already done with the state. Pompeii Coal Fired Pizza will need to file that paperwork and get another inspection before it's in the clear.

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