A look at Iowa voters headed into caucus night


Candidates are blitzing Iowa before the first-in-the-nation state casts its verdict on a wild presidential race.

With Iowans notorious for making up their minds in the final days before the caucuses, or even in the meetings themselves, candidates trawled for votes at more than 25 formal events Sunday and saturated television talk shows.

Several hundred thousand people are expected to trek to caucus meetings in schools, churches, restaurants and fire houses in 1,681 Iowa precincts on Monday evening, honoring their cherished duty of kicking off a nominating process that could stretch into late spring.

The caucuses will not decide the nomination -- there are only a tiny fraction of the required delegates at stake -- but they are likely to winnow down the GOP field and set expectations for the bigger state primaries that lay ahead.

Here's a breakdown of who's leading, who is likely to turn out to caucus and how things have turned out in the past. Rely on News4Jax for complete results through the night Monday.


RCP Poll Average for Iowa Republican Caucus | InsideGov

Enthusiasm of Iowa GOP Caucusgoers | InsideGov


RCP Poll Average for Iowa Democratic Caucus | InsideGov

Enthusiasm of Iowa Democratic Caucusgoers | InsideGov

Caucus history

Iowa Caucus Voter Turnout in Past Elections | Graphiq