Pussers salmon cigar recipe


Salmon Cigar




            4 Lumpia wrapper

            8 oz fresh salmon

            1 sheet nori(sushi seaweed)

            16 spinach leaves

            Cilantro leaves

            2 tbsp Cajun spice/blackening spice





          Cut salmon in 4 strips 5 inches long. Also cut nori sheet into strips that are a little larger than the salmon. Place lumpia wrapper on board and put a strip of nori followed by a strip of salmon that is coated with blackening spice.  Next add 4 spinach leaves and several cilantro leaves. Roll the lumpia up folding the sides in and put a little water on the seam to help seal it.

          Preheat a small fryer to 350 degrees and drop the lumpia for 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown.

          Cut the lumpia on the bias(diagonally) and stack . Top with the dipping sauce and serve with the marinated cucumber salad.