Man accused of faking death brought back to Florida

Police: Jose Lantigua did it to collect millions in insurance money

Jose Lantigua
Jose Lantigua

BAKER COUNTY, Fla. – Former Jacksonville business owner Jose Lantigua, who's accused of faking his own death, was transported from North Carolina to Baker County.

Lantigua, the former owner of Circle K furniture stores in Jacksonville, is being held without bond at the Baker County Jail. 

Investigators said he faked his death in South America in 2013 so his wife (pictured) could collect over $5 million.

Lantigua was arrested at his wife's home in North Carolina last year after insurance investigators cracked the case by talking with a doctor in Venezuela who admitted signing a fake death certificate.

The house where Lantigua was caught was being built with funds from his insurance settlement. 

He pleaded guilty in October to federal passport fraud and identity theft charges, which carry up to ten years in prison. He has not been sentenced yet.

There is an arrest warrant for him on state charges of insurance fraud and he's expected to face more federal charges here.

His wife, Daphne Simpson, remains in the Duval County Jail on eight counts of insurance fraud.