Record-breaking voter registration numbers in Georgia


ATLANTA – Georgians are excited about the upcoming presidential primary scheduled for March 1. From January 27 to February 3 a record number of people registered to vote.

During that seven day period 54,385 people registered to vote or updated their registration status using the state’s online voter registration website. 37,903 of those people registered to vote for the first time.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp says the numbers show voters are excited about the upcoming primary election. He thinks that the number is also up because the online registration system is easy to use.

“It was always my hope that this easier and more convenient form of voter registration would increase in popularity so voters and counties could register more quickly than with a paper application,” Kemp said, “It is safe to say that day has come.”

Georgia’s online registration system was one of the first in the nation. Unlike other states, Georgia’s system works directly with the Department of Drivers’ Services to automatically register voters who verify using a Georgia driver’s license or identification card number.