Three restaurants temporarily shut down because of roaches or rodent droppings

Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – In this week's restaurant report card we found three restaurants temporarily shut down because of either roaches or rodent droppings.  Let's start in the nation's oldest city in St. Augustine.  Casablanca on the Bay on Avenida Menendez was shut down for the night because of rodent droppings. The inspector found the droppings under the center food rack in the kitchen. 17 semi soft to fresh droppings were counted and more fresh dropping were found by sides of the reach in cooler.  Casablanca on the Bay was checked the next day and the inspector didn't find any serious violations and it was allowed to open back up.

Brett's Waterway Cafe in Fernandina Beach was closed for the night  because of roaches.  13 live roaches were found on the exterior of the ice machine and 12 behind the the make and preparation tables.  The next day the inspector came back twice and both times there were fewer roaches but still some in the same areas.  A third visit on that next allowed Brett's Waterway Cafe to open back up.  This time the inspector found zero violations period.

Finally, this is a first on the Restaurant Report Card an establishment that serves food to residents is shut down.  Westside Christian Home Care's kitchen was shut down because of roaches.  I talked with the owner by phone and she said they take care of five people and the roaches were not near food in the kitchen. The inspector did find ten live roaches in cabinets in the kitchen and on the box freezer. We stopped by to talk to the owner in person but she never showed up for our meeting. She did tell me they handle their own pest control and they spray every night.  The inspector came back the next day there were no roaches and  zero high priority violations.

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