Diminishing double chins without surgery


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you’ve got it, you probably try to hide it. If you don’t have it, you’ll do anything to make sure you don’t get it; the dreaded double chin. Now, the FDA just approved a shot that dissolves it!

Women are all looking for the same thing.

“I wanted rid of the waddle,” Brenda Davis, 65-years-old, said, about her double chin.

“Before now, it’s been tough to treat that area,” according to Dr. Roberto Garcia, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon with offices all across the Jacksonville area.  

Dr. Garcia says pricey chin lifts and liposuction were all that was available before. The FDA has just approved a treatment called Kybella. “It's actually something that our body already has. The company was able to synthesize a form of it, that when injected into fatty tissues just in the neck, it dissolves it," Dr. Garcia said.

It’s the same type of acid your body produces to breakdown fats in the digestive system.

"It's a painless procedure," Garcia added. "Patients drive themselves here and home. Often they require two to three treatments. I usually separate them by four to six weeks.' 

“It’s a little pinch,” Davis said. “You can feel the injection but it’s not painful at all.”

Davis said the difference is there now, but it could take up to six treatments, given a month apart to see the real results.

"The results are permanent, they are very natural and we have had amazing success with it," Garcia added.

The needles are not scaring off mother and daughter team, Jeanie Olian and Meagan Dowdall.

“The women in my family are gorgeous, but there’s always those trouble spots that you can kind of see,” Dowdall, 31-years-old, said.

It’s their first treatment — there’s usually swelling, possibly some bruising, but after a few weeks?

“I think it will make me feel better when I wake up in the morning and look at myself,” Olian, 64-years-old, said.

Garcia has been working with Kybella for several months. He was among the first 100 surgeons in the country to train under the scientists involved in the FDA approval. He is also training other plastic surgeons how to properly give the injections.

"I'm seeing a lot of patients that don't want the downtime, don't want the discomfort and the idea of surgery really scares them and so Kybella opens up the chance for patients to have that non-surgical option," Garcia said. 

To see before and after pictures, find out pricing and learn more about the possible risks, follow this link to the Garcia Institute.