Gainesville kids invited to Orlando Magic game

Team was inspired by video of Gainesville officer playing with kids


ORLANDO, Fla. –  

It all began with a noise complaint. A neighbor calling Gainesville police, complaining that nine kids were playing basketball too loudly. But when Officer Bobby White responded, he joined in -- playing basketball with them, as his dash cam recorded the whole thing.


Then on Sunday, Officer White and the neighborhood kids made their way to Orlando to watch the Magic take on the Atlanta Hawks.


The Magic was inspired by the story of Officer White turning the situation into a positive and wanted to contribute. The team invited the group to sit court side, meet the players and get autographs.


The kids were right there for all of the pre-game activities and will go back to school Monday morning with plenty of stories to tell.


After the initial noise complaint and basketball game, Officer White told the group to be considerate of others. After seeing the video, Shaquille O'Neal was also inspired to go to Gainesville and meet with the kids.