2 charged with neglect of 4 children

Nassau County Sheriff says children were living in deplorable conditions

CALLAHAN, Fla. – A man and women arrested last week after Nassau County deputies performing a welfare check on a child who didn't go to school found four children living in "filthy" and "deplorable" conditions.

David Gorski, 34, who deputies believe may be the father of one of the children, was charged with felony child neglect and was held on $50,000 bond. Patricia Riggs, 32, was charged with four counts of child neglect and one count of resisting without violence. She was ordered held on $90,000 bond.

When deputies went to the home at the request of the Florida Department of Children and Families, Riggs wouldn't let them inside. The deputies ended up having to use a crowbar to force a door open..

"One small child was lethargic," Sheriff Bill Leeper said. "We had to call rescue for that child. Another infant has severe diaper rash, scratches on its nose. (There was) dog feces all over the house. Very unsanitary conditions."

According to the report, there was also human feces on the floor, the children were not fully clothed and there was little to no food in the house.

DCF took custody of the children and gave temporary custody to a family member.

"When children are abused and neglected, there's really nothing children can do about that. That's the parents responsibility, and when they fail to live up to their responsibility, then there's consequences to that," Leeper said.

A neighbor who did not want to give her name got emotional when she learned of the situation.

"We all have issues; We all have problems in our lives, but it never calls to mistreat another child, another person," the neighbor said. "We have to be responsible for our own actions."

Neighbors said they have seen several people in and out of the home after the arrests, cleaning up and burning what looks to be furniture, and possibly belongings as well. There are large bags of trash stacked up at the curb.

"I pray for this family … and for those kids," the neighbor said. "First of all, that somehow, somehow they might have the care and need they need, and that these parents get the help they need," she said. "Most of all, they need God; They need Jesus in their lives."