Family shaken after intruders burglarize Southside home

Intruder breaks in near newborn baby's crib

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A family is shaken after someone burglarized their Southside home. It happened Thursday on Santa Monica Boulevard, where things are normally quiet.

The family is now warning their neighbors to be aware, and hoping police will catch the culprits.

Pieces of broken glass still litter the side yard of the family’s home. The crime happened in broad daylight. The burglar or burglars came to the house and went in through a window into the baby’s room.

"They busted the window and then unlocked it and came in," Kristi Dewitt said. "Fortunately, (my baby) wasn’t here at the time, or it could’ve been a lot worse."

Dewitt’s newborn son's crib was sitting right underneath the window the intruder entered through.

The shattered glass on the outside of her family’s Southside home also covered the crib where her son normally sleeps.

Dewitt said her son was gone with her fiancée at the time of the break-in.

Whoever broke into the home stole a number of the family’s electronics, including a brand new computer, a Playstation and some cash. But her jewelry drawer was left untouched.

"There’s really nothing that you can do," Dewitt said. "You have that sense of security when you’re in your home that you’re OK, and that your belongings are OK, and then something like this happens and you just feel really violated."

Dewitt said she doesn’t know who would’ve broken into her home, but said she thinks they were watching the home, knowing exactly when the coast was clear.

The family is now getting renter's insurance and may install a security system, all for peace of mind Dewitt said they now need. 

"We work really hard for what little we have, and it’s going to be hard to replace, especially without insurance," Dewitt said.

The family said they believe their losses from the burglary total around $3,000.

At last check, the person or persons responsible are still at large.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 866-845-TIPS.