How to make your Valentine's Day flowers last

Advice from Kuhn Flowers


Valentine's Day is a busy time of the year for florists. If you're going to spend the money on flowers, you want them to last. Marty McCall from Kuhn Flowers shared his advice on The Morning Show. 

His says it is important to make sure you change the water every day. "If you change the water on a daily  basis, you will keep the algae out of the water", said McCall. "At that point your flowers will probably last 7 to 10 days, maybe even up to 14 days".

When it comes to those little packets of flower food, McCall says you only have to add the packet to the water one time. "When you use the packet, the formula goes up into the stem. That keeps it in your stem and then allows it to get up to the bud". 

When asked if there was a secret to cutting the stems correctly, McCall said they are traditionally cut at an angle. He says it's important to take 1/2 inch to an inch off the stem for the freshest cut. 

McCall also answered a question a viewer sent into News4Jax. It reads: "There is a "helpful hint/tip" going around on Facebook about taking cut roses from a flower arrangement and placing them into a potato, then placing the "potato flower" into a soil and peat moss mixture causing the flower to grow roots and become a rose bush/plant?"

McCall said this wouldn't work.