Woman accused of threatening deputies, child with knife


HILLIARD, Fla. – A 25-year-old woman was charged with aggravated child abuse and assault on a officer after Nassau County deputies said she threatened them and her child with a knife.

According to the Sheriff's Office, deputies were called to Oleander Drive in Hilliard just before 1:30 a.m. Tuesday by a man who said Tiffany Jackson grabbed a knife and was stabbing the inside of a truck. He said Jackson's child was also in the vehicle.

When deputies arrived, they said Jackson told them not to come in the truck, saying, "You'll see what happens to (blank) and me if you try to come and get me."

According to the report, Jackson attempted to stab the deputies a few times. They said she was confused and yelling at people that were not there, as well as accusing them of "gassing" or "spraying" her with bleach.

When deputy were able to figure out the knife wasn't open, they jumped in and got her out.

"It's very scary," Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said. "Children are vulnerable and they're dependent on adults and their parents to do the right thing and take care of them. And they don't do the right thing, it's sad, as law enforcement officers see it all the time. It's unfortunate, but it happens in our society and, hopefully, they'll learn a lesson."

That woman was committed for a psychiatric evaluation under the Baker Act and charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated assault on an officer. Deputies couldn't say if drugs were involved.

The child was turned over to the Florida Department of Children and Families.