911 call released of woman trapped in chimney


A 911 call has been released detailing the bizarre moments of a woman trapped inside a chimney near Houston.

According to Harris County Sheriff's deputies, Lauren Fox, 20,  was trying to lower herself down the chimney of a home on Feb. 26 when she got stuck.

She called 911, pretending to be a resident of the house and asking for help, but a few things didn't quite add up.

For starters, Fox did not know the address of the home. She could, however, describe it and was quite captivated by how nice it was, with such a large chimney.


"It's white brick, it's nice.  I just found it today," Fox said as she continued to describe the house and other homes and cars in the neighborhood."It has like a lot of land.  There's like a shed and a huge roof, like really, really tall."

Fox was surprisingly calm and in good spirits throughout the entire phone call, and told authorities how easy it would be for them to get to her.

"You can get on the roof, though, you can just jump on this thing and climb up," she said. Which, is apparently what she did.

The Spring Fire Department and Cypress Creek Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene around 5:20 a.m. and firefighters were able to dismantle the chimney and free her.

They pulled her out with just a few scratches and bruises. She told police she was just trying to get warm. Rescue crews wrapped her in a blanket and Fox smiled as she was taken away.

Fox was checked out at the scene, then charged with criminal trespass of habitation.

There's a few more twists to Fox's tall tale.  According to public records, she lives in a home about a half mile away and was out on bond for another criminal trespass earlier in the month.

The Spring Fire Department said Fox's case was definitely one for the record books.

"In my 19 years of this, this is a first chimney rescue we have ever done,” said District Chief Kevin Wiseman, with the Spring Fire Department.