Bill defunding Planned Parenthood clears House


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A bill that hits abortion clinics with new rules and would defund Planned Parenthood cleared the Florida House on Thursday. Opponents are worried women’s health will suffer because of it.

Earlier in the week, Democrats tried to amend the bill to make abortion illegal in a bit of political theater to try and force the rest of the Legislature to vote up or down on the ban. It would most likely have killed the bill had it been adopted.

The Florida House argued about abortion more than an hour and a half Thursday.

"Should an innocent child in the womb be killed because of a heinous act of the father?" Rep. Mike Hill said.

"The reality is if we continue to move in this direction, women will die," Rep. Mark Pafford said.

Rep. Colleen Burton's bill would make sweeping changes to abortion clinic regulations in the state.

"I ask you to support this good bill, (for) the work of many people who care about women in Florida, who care the health of Floridians, who believe in life," Burton said.

Changes include how clinics are licensed and inspected. The bill also defunds clinics that perform abortions.

Opponents argued the the bill is an attack on Planned Parenthood

Missy Wesolowski with Planned Parenthood is worried it could force clinics to close

"These funds are not about abortion," Wesolowski said. "It's about preventive healthcare services. STDs testing and treatment and cancer screenings"

Another section of the bill puts into writing that fetal organ sales and donations are prohibited.

It still needs to be approved by the Senate.