Cosmetics counters go digital


For most women, it's nearly impossible to pick out the perfect lip color or foundation just by looking at the box. But it's also hard to find the time to sit down at a makeup counter and try it all out.  


Now there's a solution for busy women who still want to look their best. A new array of beauty apps are being introduced that will allow you to virtually test out all sorts of cosmetics and even hair colors without ever leaving your house.   


Many of these apps, like L'Oreal's Makeup Genius and the newly released Beauty U from Cover Girl feature high-tech facial recognition software that turns your smart device into a virtual makeup mirror.     


Laura Brinker with Cover Girl said, ""It takes a scan of your face. Looks at the shape of your face, the shape of your eyes, your brows, your lips, your skin tone and then it also asks you a number of questions about what types of look you might like. It actually recommends the products that are going to be the best for your facial features and the look that you want."  


We tried out several of the apps and didn’t find some of them to be very accurate or helpful. In fact, some just made us look downright scary. The ones we did like are from Mary Kay and L'Oreal's Makeup Genius.


One app that's not connected to a beauty brand, but shows you different looks and applications is Perfect 365. It's my favorite and it's helped In addition, Vidal Sassoon has an app to help you try out different hair colors and styles. OPI's app shows you what nail colors look best on your manicure.