Learning more about accused rapist's first assault

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The 25-year-old man accused of raping a woman behind a shopping center last month in Bartram Park was accused in a similar attack in Jacksonville last year. Police said in both incidents Sion Henry began by asking the victim for her phone number.

News4Jax has obtained Henry's interview by detectives investigating the February 2015 rape of a woman who said she was dragged into her home and raped. 

In a recorded interview, Henry told detectives a different version of the events, saying he and the woman had been drinking.

Henry: "From there we both were drunk, so from that I don't know what was going on. All I know is that we end up locking together, like you know?"
Detective: "What is locking?"
Henry: "Having sex."
Detective: "She consented to it?"
Henry: "Yes."

Henry told investigators that the woman hit him because he took her phone and was going through it. But he
then changed his story, saying (the phone) was locked, and he was on his way to give it back to her when police arrested him.

The state attorney charged him with sexual battery, kidnapping, burglary, simple battery and trespassing. When the victim stopped cooperating, Henry was allowed to plead guilty to simple battery and served 60 days in jail.

News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith said while the two cases will not be connected legally, the similarities between these high-profile cases may encourage other victims to come forward.

"Over 70 percent of sexual assaults go unreported," Smith said. "Now that there is a victim here who is willing to prosecute, other people may come out will feel like as though they are not alone that they will be believed."

Henry remains in jail with bond set at $100,000 for his strong armed robbery charge and at $1 million bond for his sexual battery charge. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 21.