The "Boyfriend Cleanz"



New York Time's bestselling author Julie Edelman has been helping women navigate life's messes for more than a decade. Her book, "The Accidental Housewife," sold more than three-thousand copies in just the first week. Mostly to women overwhelmed by housework. Now, she's lending her expertise to women overwhelmed by heartache. 


Mia Wydmyer is one of many who had a broken relationship. She said, "My family was tired of listening to me; my friends were tired of listening to me."


Julie Edelman is trying to make it easier. "I wanted it to be uplifting," Juile said. "Because so many times we hear about breakup songs which are sad." 


Julie developed "Boyfriend Cleanz." It's not just a song, it's an online wellness community to help women go from hurting to healing when their relationship turns south. 


"It's not about boyfriend bashing, it's about getting your own sense of self back," Julie said. 


While she doesn't have a degree in couples counseling, she's had plenty of bad relationships and she's learned from every one of them. Her breakover formula starts with a detox.  


Julie explained, "The detox is where in the beginning you want to put his picture in a blender, you want to have pity parties." 


The second step is to reboot.


"Through fitness, through food, through maybe even engaging in a personal dream that you never did," Julie said. 


And finally: Rejoice.


"The rejoice is then about moving forward with your life, maybe it's a new job, maybe it's about dating again, but it's not about needing anybody else," Julie explained. 


Mia agreed, "That really helped me out of my funk and into the whole process of becoming me again." 


Julie is currently writing a book about the Boyfriend Cleanz. She says her website gets more than 100-thousand hits every day. She encourages women to write to her and share their story because she responds to every one of them. To check out the website, click here.