Police: Mother leaves 3-year-old, 5-year-old home alone

Summer Pearson, 25, charged with child neglect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police said a mother of two was arrested after she left her 3-year-old and 5-year-old at home for hours while she went to work. 

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Summer Pearson, 25, was arrested after investigators went to her house Wednesday after receiving a complaint about the welfare of her children. 

Pearson tried giving her kids to the complainant, and that was just one of the reasons the police were called, according to a police report.

Pearson is now being charged with child neglect.  She was released from jail Thursday night. A police report revealed Pearson called out from work Wednesday because she had to watch her children. But while being interviewed, she admitted to police she went to work Tuesday at a Walmart warehouse in Baker County, leaving her children home alone at her apartment for seven hours. 

Police said on Wednesday the woman was going to leave again. She told officers she started driving to work and then turned around because she did not want to leave her children at home.

John Harrell with the Department of Children and Families told News4Jax his agency is investigating.

“When you have children this young, you’re concerned about are they going to know what to do in the event of an emergency?” Harrell said.

Police said when DCF arrived, Pearson changed her story, saying she dropped the kids off with a baby sitter-- one investigators could not reach.

JSO said the woman also admitted to leaving her kids alone in January of last year, at which time they flooded the house. Pearson’s two children are now in foster care.

“Bottom line, we would urge all parents to find someone they can trust, whether it's a relative or a friend. Make sure you do your homework and you know they can safely care for the children, but never leave children this age home alone for any length of time, because you never know what could happen,” said Harrell.

Pearson also admitted that one of her children had not seen a doctor since they were born. The kids will remain in foster care until DCF can screen a family member to take care of them.