Mayor requests meeting with JTA about reports of conflict, lawsuit

Reports say Rep. Corrine Brown staff member also does work for JTA


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Among the people asking questions about U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown and a staff member's involvement with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority is Mayor Lenny Curry.

The Florida Times-Union reported that Von Alexander, longtime friend and current staff member of Brown, may have a conflict of interest  by doing work for the JTA.

Brown is believed to be linked to a federal investigation concerning her involvement with a non-registered  charity group in Virginia. It is only an investigation and no charges have been filed against Brown or anyone else.

Alexander works in Brown's Jacksonville office helping with appointments and press, but she also is a subcontractor for Jones Worley, who serves as a communications consultant to JTA.  Because of Brown's involvement with transportation issues and appropriations from Congress made to JTA, having a staff member indirectly work for JTA would be a conflict.

Curry has requested meeting with the chief executive officer of the JTA about this and other issues.

Like the email requesting the meeting, Curry didn't say much about why he wants to talk to the head of JTA, only that it's important for him to stay informed.

"There has been a series of events in the news cycle connected to the JTA. I am just doing my job. I want to spend some time with the CEO and have a conversation to discuss those issues," Curry said. "I am involved with the independent authority as the head of the city of Jacksonville, so I am going to continue make sure I have the knowledge I need to make sure were looking out for taxpayers."

Mayor Curry will discuss other issues such as a company suing JTA because it didn't follow its own rules in awarding a contract. The company claims they were shut out because they did not contribute to Mayor Alvin Brown's campaign.

"All I know where the news reports and I've read. This wasn't a single news cycle or single issue, if you will, as laid out in my email. There is a series of things I want to talk about. Until we have that meeting and talk, there really is no other further information," Curry said.

No date for a meeting has been set. Von Alexander and her attorney had no comment for News4Jax, and JTA has not responded to questions.

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