Five foods that taste their best in April


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Spring is almost here and that means our favorite fruits and vegetables will be just right to eat. Although April is a little early for most produce to reach their peak, here are five foods that taste better in April than they will all year long.

Put Ataulfo mangos at the top of your grocery list. These yellow mangos are grown all over the world, but in April, the tastiest ones come out of Mexico, making them great as a salsa or simply by themselves.

Also, keep an eye out for blackberries. Although typically a summer fruit, whole foods associates say in April, they’re plump and have less tartness.

Another fruit to look out for? Strawberries. Some of the best tasting strawberries are known to hit the grocery store in the month of April.

As far as vegetables go, artichokes will be the meatiest in the month of April. Buy them fresh rather than in a can to truly enjoy.

And asparagus will be thicker in April than they will at any other time of the year.

April is the best time to buy these items because they are grown in warmer regions of North America like Mexico and California where the soil is black and soft and there are warm days and cool nights, perfect for growing.