Woman stabbed after fight

Both she and husband face charges


CRESTVIEW, Fla. – A disagreement after eating dinner lands a Florida couple in jail.

The Crestview couple was arrested after authorities say the woman hit her husband with a burrito before he stabbed her in the hand with a fork.

Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies say they responded Tuesday to a home, where they found 51-year-old Suzanne Hurlvert with a fork in her hand. It was so deeply embedded that hospital staff had to remove it.

Hurlvert told deputies that she and 66-year-old Carl Smith were arguing when she hit him in his head with her half-eaten burrito she recently got from a restaurant. Hurlvert says Smith then stabbed her hand. Deputies  eventually located him at a bar. We don't know what the argument was about.

Smith is charged with aggravated battery - domestic violence-related. Hurlvert is charged with domestic violence-related battery, second or subsequent offense. It's unclear if they have attorneys.